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Your text can be organised into columns, or spread full-width across the page. You can also include picture/s of any size, with the feature border and shadow, if you prefer (see below).



This website style is LOFT. It has an interesting stacked design, which separates the banner from the content, and the content from the footer… letting the background shine through. The unique menu tabs add an extra element of style to the overall design.

If you like this style but would prefer a different colour scheme, backgrounds, fonts, or pictures that match your particular business, just let us know and we can quickly make those changes for you.

To leverage social networking to the max, we include clickable icons, so your site visitors can easily link and share on your preferred social networks.



All our standard website styles include the following pages:

  • Home – usually with a large feature “slider”
  • Services / Products
  • Testimonials / Customer Comments
  • About Us
  • Contact

Just click on items in the Main Menu above to see samples of our standard pages for this website style.

Of course we can always add extra pages to this standard list. For instance a Gallery/Portfolio page and a Blog/News page are popular requests.



It’s also possible to combine various elements from our standard styles, to create a new individual style for your website.

Or perhaps you’ve seen designs or features on other websites that you would like to use on your new website?

Just let us know your preferences, and we can put together a website you love!